Hillary Clinton reveals new gun control proposals

hillyclintonDemocratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton  unveiled her gun-control proposals in New Hampshire. Clinton is calling for what she sees as common-sense approaches. With the proposal, she wants to reduce gun violence.

Gun control became the subject of the campaign trail in the aftermath of the most recent shootings. One at an Oregon community college, where nine people were killed. And the shooting at a university in Phoenix, where one person died. Current president Barack Obama said during a press conference that all incidents should be politicized. Clinton started to accomplish this by revealing her Gun control proposals. During her campaign she has been outspoken on the topic. Her recent proposals are going further than what she has supported in the past.


Background checks

During her campaign stop in New Hampshire, Clinton said that she would expand background checks on gun purchases. Polls are showing that background checks are supported by most Americans. The proposal cited several laws that are currently allowing individuals to purchase guns without undergoing background checks.Potential users are examined to exclude mental illness. The tests would mean the end of the Charleston loophole, where gun sales can go trough, if there was no check completed within three days.

Gun dealers are currently having special protections. Victims of gun violence can not sue the companies for negligence because of this. Clinton wants to repeal this law in the future. She also stated that there must be more inspections of gun dealers. She believes that all violence starts with selling the guns. The gun dealer is held responsible for checking his customers. The repeal of this law will prevent convicted citizens from buying guns for domestic use.

Text: Melissa Callaert Images: Marc Nozell via creative commons
Also published on 21bis.be/international 


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