OPEN DAYS: Discovering the real deal


The OPEN DAYS, are offering more than 100 workshops during the four days. The participants need to be prepared to find something that suits their interests. Journalist Lieven Taille is one of the participants. Journalism students Rob Van herck and Melissa Callaert followed him around all day. Below you can get an impression of some events organized on October 13, 2015.

The first presentation of the day was hosted by AFE-innovnet, and took place in the Liaison agency Flanders-Europe. The organization stated that the aging of Europe has an impact on citizens, public authorities and businesses. The solutions are age-friendly environments.

©AFE Innovvnet

The second presentation was hosted by the Capital Cities and Region Networks, and took place in the breathtaking Prague House. The organization is working towards a resilient, sustainable and resource-efficient energy, with a focus on Germany.

European Commission
The organization of the OPEN DAYS created a media path for journalists. On Tuesday there was a press meeting at the Berlaymont building. All information of the meeting and the commissions was offered outside the room and was available to all. Inside there was the briefing for all the participants by the chief spokesman of the European Commission Margaritis Chinas. He answered all questions that journalists had about the new developments in the European Commission. After a question round of about half an hour, the press briefing was over and everyone could go their own way.

Press meeting
The journalistic path included a daily networking lunch for journalists. The meetings were taking place at 12 o’clock. Journalists were able to network with each other, share international ideas while enjoying a walking buffet. Multiple journalists attended the OPEN DAYS. They attended events such as debates and presentations with the focus on journalistic themes.

Gary McDonald, journalist of the Irish press, was one of them.

Behind the scenes
Most of the OPEN DAYS members were seated in the Delors Building, the home of the European Committee of the Regions. The event was using an app called Wall of Moments.   Videos created and published by the participants were shared on multiple television screens in the building, but are also published online. In this way, every aspect of the event is being shown, all at the same time. Developer, Rik Bauwens explains how the app works.


Text en videos: © Rob Van Herck & Melissa Callaert
Picture: Creative commons via Flickr ©Bob Van Mol for the European Union.
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