Changing the world: Nyima


Nyima Dejesus is a senior at St. Lawrence university, originally coming from Brooklyn. She received a scholarship from the higher education opportunity program, which efforts low income minority students. The scholarship covers a substantial amount. ‘When I graduate, I won’t have that many loans. It is a manageable amount, so it won’t take my whole life to pay for it,’ she said

Being a scholarship student does not really give her extra pressure. ‘No one can tell me when I go into the classroom. I do work hard to get good grades anyway.’ But she does feel the urge to prove herself after comments from fellow students on the program.

“I would be walking outside, like who knows that this person is thinking this about me now.”

The first day she arrived at campus she became a member of the Black Union, a community for students of color. ‘It is a safe place where we can talk about our issues on campus.’ In her junior year Dejesus assumed the role of vice-president. “I helped to throw events on campus to promote black culture,” she said, ‘and to inform others just about our club and what we bring to campus.’ Dejesus said that students of color face issues every single day.

Dejesus wil graduate this year and her future plans are promising. “I recently got accepted to Howard University to a master program in African studies. I will try to get a PHD and work as a professor at a university,” she said. DeJesus applied for financial aid and for some scholarships. ‘I think I explored a lot of options, so I think I am going to be in good standards to go.’



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