Congratulations! It’s a boy – from AFS

afs_1_of_1Expanding the family without nine months of pregnancy? That is what happened to Kathy and Davy Flanders. They received a seventeen-year-old son from Switzerland. Henrik Maag came to the United States seven months ago with AFS, an international exchange organization.

Henrik attends Thousand Island Central School in Clayton and plays on a number of their sport teams. With two sons at home, a daughter at college, two dogs and three cats, life is never dull at the Flanders’ home. Henrik Maag is not a guest, but a real part of their family. He is expected to help in the household and his host parents might even embarrass him sometimes. With three months left, the Flanders family looks back on the past seven months.

AFS Intercultural Programs is a non-profit international organization. It offers abroad programs all over the world. Each year, more than 2,300 students from 90 countries come to the USA with AFS. These students are currently in search for a host family. Do you want to share the same experience as the Flanders? Or do you just want to know more about the organization? More information: AFS


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