From Malone to Rome: Sylvie


Sylvie Choiniere plays a home game. Coming from Malone, she is only a hour away from home. St. Lawrence university became the most inexpensive place for her to go, thanks to a scholarship.

She received an Augsbury North Country Scholarship, which is for students from around this region. It encourages students to stay within the area for their college education and to keep their bright brains around. Sylvie Choniniere sometimes feels the pressure of her scholarship, but feels it also helps her to perform better.

“The love for Italy came from my host family. “

Choniniere grew up at a farm in Malone with Canadian parents. Her mother is French-speaking, which forced her to become bilingual on a young age. “My mom and her family are speaking French. If I did not learn how to speak French, I would not be speaking to my mom,” she said. Living only a hour away from home gives her the opportunity to go home whenever she wants, but she does not go that often, although she does miss the farm life.

She left home for a semester abroad in Italy, which she recalls as one of the best experiences in her life. Being a scholarship students does not mean that you can not enjoy as many experiences as possible, and because her scholarship also applied to study abroad, living abroad cost no more than living on campus.

In May, Choniniere will graduate, but she doesn’t know yet where the future will take her. “I have been accepted into a few different masters in public health programs,” she said. “I am deciding between Boston and Albany, leaning a bit more to Boston, although it is more expensive.” After her masters she would like to go into social health and behavior and community health. “Maybe someday hopefully I could become the director of a public health program.”


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