When Leap day is your birthday


February 29, also known as Leap Day, adds an extra day to our lives every four years. It might complicate things for people born that day. Terry Tiernan (64) is one of them. ‘This is my sixteenth leap year, so that makes me 64 years old. I am usually honest enough to say my real age but sometimes I joke around about using my leap year age. I often say that I act like a child because my leap year age.’





Art exhibition honors best work of students

Ogdensburg Free Academy presents “Alternatives,” a kindergarten through grade 12 art exhibition that opened Friday, March 11 with a reception at the Montpelier Gallery.


Dianne Draye-Alonso is an art teacher at Ogdensburg’s Free Academy (OFA), one of three teachers responsible for selecting works for the art exhibition. The three came together only a week before the opening. ‘We all get together as a group and we bring what we feel is the best. We bring as much as we can, and the three art teachers together choose the work where we think students did the best work, also perhaps where we think a student could use this, you know, because of their effort, they deserve a place to shine,’ she said.

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Books and coffee: Library Week in Ogdensburg

You may have noticed some change at the Ogdensburg Public Library last week. The building was slowly transforming. Two large butterflies and a banner invite guests to the celebration of National Library Week.

For this week the library has organized activities related the theme “Transformation.” Celebrations started with a crafty afternoon on Monday and will end with a free yoga session on Friday. Visitors can ignore the food-and-drinks-are-not-allowed sign because St. Lawrence Valley Roasters will do daily coffee tastings.

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Congratulations! It’s a boy – from AFS

afs_1_of_1Expanding the family without nine months of pregnancy? That is what happened to Kathy and Davy Flanders. They received a seventeen-year-old son from Switzerland. Henrik Maag came to the United States seven months ago with AFS, an international exchange organization.

Henrik attends Thousand Island Central School in Clayton and plays on a number of their sport teams. With two sons at home, a daughter at college, two dogs and three cats, life is never dull at the Flanders’ home. Henrik Maag is not a guest, but a real part of their family. He is expected to help in the household and his host parents might even embarrass him sometimes. With three months left, the Flanders family looks back on the past seven months.

AFS Intercultural Programs is a non-profit international organization. It offers abroad programs all over the world. Each year, more than 2,300 students from 90 countries come to the USA with AFS. These students are currently in search for a host family. Do you want to share the same experience as the Flanders? Or do you just want to know more about the organization? More information: AFS

Gone with the meat to save the planet


Can you imagine a life where you ban all animals products in order to save the planet? No? Ezra Efrat, originally from Israel, and her family have a vegetarian household, but in the near future she wants to eliminate all products and become vegan. The main reason to ban meat out of her life are ecological reasons. ‘I never liked meat so much. The meat that we eat just takes all the resources that the earth needs to continue surviving. I feel that is the main reason for me’


Learning before partying: Morgan


Morgan Caroll is a member of a sorority house. The sisterhood of Kappa Kappa is what she calls home during her time at St. Lawrence University. During her freshman year she knew a member of the house and got interested in joining herself. In her second year at university she participated in rushing and became a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma.

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Pucks and science: Amanda


Amanda McClure came from Ontario to study neuroscience at St.Lawrence University. “All trough high school I was really focused on my grades hoping that I would get a scholarship in the states,” she said.¬†Thanks to her hockey performances, she ended up with both an athletic and and academic scholarship at St. Lawrence.

Hockey always has been a big part of her life. ‘I think I was four years old and it was just in my family, like my brother played sports. He grew up playing hockey, my dad always played hockey growing up, all my cousins and friends did, so it was just like pretty natural that I would, too,’ she explained.