13100825_10209414556500664_3137788855589635688_n Hello,

Mijn naam is Melissa Jore Callaert. 26 lentes jong met een exploratie drang. Sarcast die op komt tegen onrecht. Ik schrijf en zeg wat ik denk. Het liefst van al sta ik achter een microfoon en entertain ik mensen. Welkom op mijn portfolio.




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  1. Hello Melissa,

    I came across a piece you wrote for NCPR. I’m an editor of an educational publication called CultureGrams, which is seeking someone with experience in Belgium for a paid project. CultureGrams is a series of more than 200 country-specific reports that describe people’s daily life and culture. The audience consists primarily of North American students and educators. Payment for reviewing our two Belgium reports is $450. Please email me if you are interested.


    1. I couldn’t find your address in your comment and if I click your name, I am directed to your website. Could you give me some more information about what you would want me to write about? You can contact me at Mel.callaert AT hotmail DOT com. Thank you!

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