Pucks and science: Amanda


Amanda McClure came from Ontario to study neuroscience at St.Lawrence University. “All trough high school I was really focused on my grades hoping that I would get a scholarship in the states,” she said. Thanks to her hockey performances, she ended up with both an athletic and and academic scholarship at St. Lawrence.

Hockey always has been a big part of her life. ‘I think I was four years old and it was just in my family, like my brother played sports. He grew up playing hockey, my dad always played hockey growing up, all my cousins and friends did, so it was just like pretty natural that I would, too,’ she explained.



Crossing borders: Adilson


Adilson Gonzalez left his hometown Zacoalco de Torres in Mexico at the age of sixteen to study at an International boarding school in the United States. He applied for universities all over the country and ended up here at St.Lawrence university

‘My life in the US is different in the sense that back at home, I live in a very small town. There are probably 3 to 10 thousand people and the biggest building is a church. Everyone actually knows each other and the population age fluctuate a lot.’ Even though Canton is also a small town, living on campus makes a huge difference. In the time that I have spend in the United States I have literally only spend time with people of my age.’

From Malone to Rome: Sylvie


Sylvie Choiniere plays a home game. Coming from Malone, she is only a hour away from home. St. Lawrence university became the most inexpensive place for her to go, thanks to a scholarship.

She received an Augsbury North Country Scholarship, which is for students from around this region. It encourages students to stay within the area for their college education and to keep their bright brains around. Sylvie Choniniere sometimes feels the pressure of her scholarship, but feels it also helps her to perform better.

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Changing the world: Nyima


Nyima Dejesus is a senior at St. Lawrence university, originally coming from Brooklyn. She received a scholarship from the higher education opportunity program, which efforts low income minority students. The scholarship covers a substantial amount. ‘When I graduate, I won’t have that many loans. It is a manageable amount, so it won’t take my whole life to pay for it,’ she said

Being a scholarship student does not really give her extra pressure. ‘No one can tell me when I go into the classroom. I do work hard to get good grades anyway.’ But she does feel the urge to prove herself after comments from fellow students on the program.

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Brave little Belgians veroveren Londen


Exposure music awards is een Belgische organisatie die probeert om de nodige exposure aan nog onbekende bands te geven. De wedstrijd liep in het voorjaar van 2015. Drie winnaars – Felix Pallas, Milo Meskens en The Father, The son and the Holy Simon – mochten het beste van zichzelf geven op Brave Little Belgians, een exlusieve showcase, die doorging in het Londense Hoxton Bar & Kitchen.

Felix Pallas, winnaar in de categorie ‘Pop’, mocht als eerste het podium betreden. Voor de band was het niet de eerste keer dat ze in Londen speelde: ‘Twee jaar geleden hebben wij hier ook een klein tourtje gedaan. We kennen een paar mensen, die zijn speciaal voor ons naar Londen gekomen.’

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OPEN DAYS: Discovering the real deal


The OPEN DAYS, are offering more than 100 workshops during the four days. The participants need to be prepared to find something that suits their interests. Journalist Lieven Taille is one of the participants. Journalism students Rob Van herck and Melissa Callaert followed him around all day. Below you can get an impression of some events organized on October 13, 2015.

The first presentation of the day was hosted by AFE-innovnet, and took place in the Liaison agency Flanders-Europe. The organization stated that the aging of Europe has an impact on citizens, public authorities and businesses. The solutions are age-friendly environments.

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Hillary Clinton reveals new gun control proposals

hillyclintonDemocratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton  unveiled her gun-control proposals in New Hampshire. Clinton is calling for what she sees as common-sense approaches. With the proposal, she wants to reduce gun violence.

Gun control became the subject of the campaign trail in the aftermath of the most recent shootings. One at an Oregon community college, where nine people were killed. And the shooting at a university in Phoenix, where one person died. Current president Barack Obama said during a press conference that all incidents should be politicized. Clinton started to accomplish this by revealing her Gun control proposals. During her campaign she has been outspoken on the topic. Her recent proposals are going further than what she has supported in the past.

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